Material Selection and Application Analysis of Different Environmental Boxes in Printing Process

Packaging must not only protect the contents, but also promote the image of the product and convey product information. Commodities need to be packaged, and "packaging" is also an important part of commodities. In the packaging field, due to the light weight and high strength of carton packaging, the mature printing and post-printing processes, and the recyclability of green and environmentally friendly packaging, it has a wide range of applications, especially in food, tobacco, wine, medicine, cosmetics, life There are a lot of applications in supplies and other industries, and more and more varieties, printing and making are more and more beautiful.

The carton packaging materials vary from corrugated paper to kraft paper, whiteboard paper, white paperboard, aluminum film paperboard, aluminum foil paperboard, transfer laser paperboard, and industrial paperboard. In addition to the selection of materials according to the content, the printing process, aesthetics, positioning and other aspects must be considered comprehensively. From the appearance, the packaging of the product can only be achieved if it reflects its unique cultural connotation and gives consumers a pleasing feeling. Good results, so we must take into account in the selection of materials.

The packaging of most wines is carton. The environmentally friendly carton packaging is also more mature in the application of wine outer packaging. More high-end wine boxes are made into gift boxes. Take the high-end gift box as an example, it is usually formed by printing, finishing, processing and industrial cardboard sticking. The facial paper is 180-300g / m2 aluminum-plated (laser) film cardboard and aluminum foil cardboard. Combined printing, commonly used is the combination of UV offset printing and screen printing. After the aluminum coated (laser) film card is printed by the mature UV offset printing process, it can take into account the solidity of the color block and the rich printing level. After the offset printing, the UV coating The combination of unique decorative effects of screen printing (such as wrinkles, snowflakes, refracting light, crystals and other artistic effects make wine box packaging icing on the cake), post-press hot stamping, embossing, die-cutting and mounting and bonding into boxes.

The paper used in the mid-range wine packaging is basically the same as the high-end wine packaging. Most of them are aluminum-plated (laser) film cardboard and aluminum foil cardboard, but they have increased in the amount of paper (between 300-400g / m2). Post-processing generally only requires the processes of mounting, embossing, die-cutting and sticking boxes. Mid-range wine boxes are mostly screen-printed or combined. They also use offset printing followed by screen printing with special inks. Combined printing is more economical and environmentally friendly.

If all screen printing is used, there are the following situations.

1. At present, volatile and dry screen printing inks are bound to be used, but domestic volatile and dry screen inks will generate a lot of harmful gases during the process of natural volatilization of solvents, polluting the working environment. None of the wind systems can remove it in time, which is detrimental to the health of the operator. If screen printing is necessary, it is best to choose UV inks to reduce the use of volatile and dry solvent-containing screen inks.

2. All screen printing methods are used, and the thick ink layer on the box surface is no problem. Generally, 305-380 mesh high-tension polyester mesh yarn stretch screen printing is better, but screen printing exists on fine overprinting. A certain degree of difficulty, especially when using UV ink, there is a certain deformation of the paper that has passed through the light curing machine many times.

Currently, screen printing water-based inks are not used for carton printing. Some of them may not meet the printing requirements of wine box packaging due to ink development issues. On the other hand, wine box packaging does not have strict requirements for ink residues, so most screen printing companies that do wine box packaging have not considered their use. If the screen printing water-based ink is used for wine box packaging, not only can the wine box packaging be more green and environmentally friendly, but it can also completely improve the production environment and protect the health of workers. From the current ink price, water-based ink is cheaper than other inks, which can reduce costs. Therefore, the wine box packaging screen printing enterprise should actively and actively promote the development of water-based ink through communication with customers, innovation in printing process and technology, and cooperation with ink manufacturers.

Low-grade wine packaging products are generally printed on whiteboard offset printing. The requirements for equipment are not high. The thickness of the ink layer can only be used during the printing process to improve the grade of the product. The purpose of non-smearing and non-sticking flowers can be achieved by proper dusting during the printing process , Whiteboard paper offset printing products generally need hot stamping, laminating, embossing, post-printing process of mounting (or tiling), die cutting, and paste box.

In terms of material procurement, the low-grade wine packaging paper is 250-350g / m2 gray bottom whiteboard paper with lower prices. The ink can also be ordinary offset printing ink with a lower price. Anodized aluminum with different effects can be selected to improve the product grade. At present, the whiteboard paper offset wine packaging products on the market all use the film coating process to protect the ink layer, waterproof, and load-bearing. The glazing process is not applied to wine box packaging (due to consideration of wine packaging load-bearing and other factors). At present, although the pre-coating film or environmental protection film has improved the working environment, it has caused a certain impact on the environment due to its non-degradability. .

The rest of the environmentally friendly carton packaging such as cigarette packs and pharmaceutical packaging are good applications. Although the high-end cigarette labels still use cardboard containing aluminum foil, the non-degradable film layer has been removed. The high-grade cigarette labels generally use silver aluminum foil cardboard and Degraded transfer laser jam paper UV offset printing, single concave machine or screen finishing and other combination printing, although the printing process is difficult (high-end cigarette labels are fine products, printing imposition are in 15 or 18 editions, the paper is larger , Especially in the process of screen printing and finishing, it is necessary to do a good job in the production process control, otherwise after varying degrees of deformation, it will increase the difficulty of post-embossing, die cutting, etc.), complex (high-end cigarette labels require special finishing, holography Hot stamping or reprinting, creasing, embossing, die cutting, etc.), more materials are used, but it is more environmentally friendly during the production process, such as UV varnish or special UV varnish after offset printing For processing and screen printing, UV type special effect ink is used. High-grade cigarette labels have higher requirements on paper and ink. The paper surface treatment must match the ink. The ink used must meet the environmental protection requirements of the cigarette pack. At the same time, the printability must be ensured. The UV varnish used must consider the smoothness of the surface of the cigarette pack. The wear resistance of the ink is suitable for high-speed cigarette pack packaging machines. The screen printing UV-type finishing ink must be firmly attached, dry thoroughly after printing, and the ink on the indentation and die-cut edges will not fall off. It is best to Do the test first, and then mass-produce after meeting the requirements. Other cigarette labels use gravure printing of coated paper and white cardboard, which also has higher requirements on paper and ink.

Drug packaging generally adopts offset printing on white boards with gray background and white cardboard. The vast majority of post-printing only needs to be polished and polished. Drug packaging is finer than wine packaging. Compared with cigarette labels, printing and post-printing processes are more It is simple, and most printing can be completed by four-color ordinary offset printing. After printing, it needs glazing, polishing and other processes. Attention should be paid to the process preparation (the control of the entire process must be considered. Imposition depends on the size of the product and the most economical use of the paper. The process cannot be compromised. The paper is deformed after polishing and high-temperature polishing. Each overprint does not occur during die cutting. OK or found several inconsistencies or the misalignment of the pattern on the lid of a product and the pattern on the box body, etc.). The purchase of pharmaceutical packaging materials requires higher paper quality indicators.

The carton is basically the same as the pharmaceutical packaging in other daily necessities and cosmetics packaging applications, but some cosmetics packaging needs to be made of special paper. Some special paper surfaces in the special paper, such as copper cotton paper and Cailuo paper, etc. Ink absorption and adhesion are different. Special paper also has different requirements on the printing method used (some paper offset printing cannot be printed, etc.). Whether it is printing or post-press processing, it should be fully tested to ensure Mass production printing quality and post-process production quality requirements. When purchasing special paper to make packaging boxes, the above aspects should be fully considered.

Carton packaging is particularly widely used in the field of packaging. According to different packaging purposes and positioning, the materials used for different printing processes are different. In the procurement of materials, environmentally friendly materials should be selected according to different design and decoration effects and printing production processes.

In short, compared with other packaging, carton packaging is more economical and beautiful, and can reflect the inner product to the greatest extent; environmental protection, carton packaging can be recycled and reused. As a carton packaging and printing company, although carton packaging is more green and environmentally friendly than other packaging, it needs attention and further improvement in the following aspects.

(1) The problem of excessive packaging, especially high-end products (such as high-end alcohol, high-end nourishing drugs, etc.), should start from the source and start from packaging design and development, to achieve a simple structure and reduce the amount of materials to avoid excessive packaging.

(2) For printing companies, actively and proactively use environmentally friendly inks to promote the healthy development of environmentally friendly inks.

(3) For carton packaging, there is still a considerable portion of paper products that have aluminum film on the surface or need to be covered with a film to protect it. The waste also has a long time problem of degradation (even if it is degradable bioplastics, There are also certain recycling problems), printing companies should use technical innovation, try to use non-film transfer paper printing or UV glazing to protect, remove the laminating process, and truly realize environmentally friendly cartons.

PVC Cling Film is also polyvinyl chloride. Due to the production process, PVC cling film will add a lot of plasticizer during the production process, which is the plasticizer we usually say. If the PVC cling film is heated or in contact with grease foods, the plasticizer contained in the PVC wrap film is easy to precipitate, and the food is brought into the human body, causing certain harm to the human body and even causing cancer. However, PVC cling film is used for preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables, and there is no problem.

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