Whether packaging design has become a trend for consumers

[Chinese Packaging Network News] The so-called branded packaging, is to reflect the company's brand positioning; to meet the consumer's psychology, fully display the selling point of the product. A catchy name, a standard color, a loud buzzword, a suitable and vivid selling point, a unique packaging structure, and so on, are all characteristics of branded packaging.

Once the industry once prevailed "luxury style", in fact, there is no need to blindly engage in ultra-luxury packaging. Otherwise, it will only lead to illusion and waste. Especially after being affected by the international financial turmoil, it is very necessary to adopt a conservation-oriented packaging concept, such as the internationally accepted packaging principle of "3R+1D", namely, reduction, reuse, recycling, and degradability. The principle is to implement the Chinese-style “green packaging law” and regulate the disposal methods of packaging waste, the safety of packaging materials, and the protection of human health.

Advertising and Security As food safety has become a topic of discussion for all citizens, packaging security has also become a topic of increasing concern. When food safety jeopardizes health, people will subconsciously avoid, thus making products farther away from consumers.

On the basis of ensuring safety, close to the consumer's life, let him grasp the product directly from the packaging pattern and information at the moment of picking up the product, and the design of the packaging pattern mainly manifests in the following aspects:

Protective performance design, including moisture, mold, tamper, shock, leakage, shatterproof, anti-squeezing, etc.; such as: Know the case on the flowers and other flowers to facilitate the performance design, including to facilitate the store display, sales, customer-friendly Carry, use, etc.; sales performance design, that is, without the introduction or demonstration of sales staff, customers can only know the goods by "self-introduction" of the packaging picture and text, and thus decide to purchase.

The design of packaging patterns requires that consumers be impressed with simple lines, color patches and reasonable colors.

Personalized and humanized market There are many domestic candy and chocolate packaging. At first glance, it looks like a gem in a treasure box. Colorfully radiant, but savoring, in fact, there is not much to say. Most of the "new ideas" products are imitations.

To cater to consumer preferences and meet consumer demand for market segmentation, development of packaging creativity is targeted at the consumption characteristics of various types of people. Ultimately, individual packaging is distinctive, and Japanese packaging is our role model.

Humanized packaging design and production must conform to the people-oriented principle. The design of the packaging structure, the selection of packaging materials, and the warning words on the packaging, and the convenient and convenient performance of the packaging must all be considered carefully, and the products and people must be promoted. Harmony between.

The trend of style is generally fashionable and fashionable. It is what modern people are pursuing. Both men and women, young and old, need fashion and trend packaging to meet their own needs in certain fields.

For example, young people are used to advertise their own personality and publicity, while older people are used to stay in a young mentality and remember their disappearing youthful footprints. Therefore, fashion has always been a vane driven by consumer psychology, affecting the development and improvement of candy and chocolate snack food packaging.

China Packaging Network Editor believes that packaging design should keep pace with the times and accept the impact of emerging things, thus changing their image in order to comply with market competitiveness.

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