Centrifugal force calculation formula and increasing centrifugal force method

Centrifugal force calculation formula and increasing centrifugal force method
The centrifugal force directly determines the centrifugal separation effect of the centrifuge, so how to increase the centrifugal force must be a project that every centrifuge manufacturer needs to study.
The formula above is the calculation formula of centrifugal force (RCF). R represents the radius of the classifier of the rotor, and r/min represents the rotational speed.
From the calculation formula, there are two ways to increase the centrifugal force:
First, increase the radius of rotation of the rotor (ie, centrifugal basket);
Second, increase the speed. If only the centrifuge rotor's rotation radius is increased, the volume of the centrifuge will increase. It is better to increase the rotation speed to increase the centrifugal force and improve the directness.
At present, centrifuge manufacturers' centrifuge plates are mostly subjected to centrifugal forces below 3000×g. To increase the centrifugal force, it is relatively easy to increase the motor rotation speed, but the more important consideration is safety. The rotor body basket must have sufficient strength. The centrifuge shell is made of a sufficiently thick steel plate (3mm) and a good shock absorber system for the centrifuge, while the market-made centrifuge microtiter plate baskets are made of stainless steel, and our company is the only one that references the German eppendorf company. The basket design of the sample design adopts high-strength aluminum alloys with a height of more than 10mm. It can withstand strong centrifugal force. The machine shells are all made of 3mm steel automatic electronic door locks, ensuring sufficient safety requirements and motor power. 750W, running 4500r/min for 4 hours in the field, no abnormal phenomenon, good and reliable operation.

Note: The radius of rotation of our company's basket is R=160.35, and the speed r/min=4500

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