Innovative watchmaking technology: Embroidery dial

At this year's Salon de la Haute Horlogerie, the Earl watch factory opened the mystery of the new Altiplano watch. Watch with silk dial, and decorated with full line of embroidery, the use of gold twisted wire technology jaseron gold thread embroidery designs Jingjing four. Two new Altiplano further study the embroidery process, presents two different technologies: gold thread embroidery and needle-drawn embroidery.

The emergence of needlework dates back to prehistoric times. The ancient Greek Homer's Iliad, ancient Egypt, Babylon, and ancient Roman bas-reliefs all feature comfortable texture fabrics and precious stitching of different colors. It is said that Asians first made of gold and silver gold leaf, silver leaf, and then cut into small strips, and its line with the pigment together.

During the heyday of the Silk Road, embroidery played a very important role in the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures and entered the peak of technological development during the Byzantine era. During the Crusades, Europeans were attracted by the beautiful Middle Eastern embroidery, bringing their embroidery back to China and developing their own embroidery skills. Since then, embroidery technicians have applied this technique to religious and royal dresses. Developed today, gold embroidery skills after several changes, often used in Zhang Wen art.

Gold thread embroidery

Preciously reinforced thread spool
Made in the laurel branches pattern

Piaget ancient embroidery technology into the dial design, gold thread embroidery dial to create the world's first embroidery process. The production of the gold thread embroidery watch involves stretching and mounting the silk on a supporting device and then drawing it. The embroidery master sketches the original outline of the pattern on the silk and then makes a cannetille at the tip of the needle. These precious lamels Twisted from the precious gold thread. Platinum silk woven silk fabric, needlework details perfect presentation on the dial. The entire embroidery process takes a long time, it is tested embroidery master patience. The laurel leaf pattern dial uses silky stitching and straight knitting, but it takes five hours to create the pattern, while the precious wire takes up to three meters.

Needle painted embroidery

Needle drawn embroidery thread

Needlework embroidery is one of the most intricate and sophisticated embroidery techniques that originated in ancient China and became popular in Italy and France in the 18th century. Needle painted embroidery patterns exquisite realism, can create a rich decorative effect. Embroidery needle seems to be a dexterous brush in the hands of the master, thousands of straight needle embroidery on the silk. Fine pin, Rose petals three-dimensional rich level, the six colors of silk for the Rose outline the exquisite flowery gradient color. Dial production takes a full week, consuming wire up to nine meters.

Chanel camellia embroidery dial

In addition to the Earl, Chanel last year for the first time with the brand's embroidery workshop Maison Lesage launch Miss Chanel Miss (Mademoiselle Privé) watch, camellia embroidery dial with colorful silk needle fusion technology, won the 2013 Geneva Watch Awards - Year Best Art Craft Award.

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