Packaging design clear market positioning highlights selling points to promote overall sales

[Chinese Packaging Network News] Packaging is an important part of the composition of goods, is the means to achieve the value of goods and use value, successful packaging design of goods must be able to meet the needs of shopping malls as a criterion, is the production and consumption of goods between Bridges, it is closely related to people's lives.

Packaging design positioning mainly includes: brand positioning, gift positioning, symbolic positioning, traditional positioning, differentiated positioning, and promotion positioning. Any product entering the market for circulation and consumption must have a packaging theme and focus, emphasize the pertinence of packaging design, make the goods marketable, and be more competitive in the market. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, at present, the development of retail sales in the international market has widely adopted the form of supermarkets, and people’s understanding of commodity packaging has gradually deepened and refined. Not only does the quality of the goods themselves need to be higher, but also the packaging design is required in appearance. There must be a novel style, a harmonious and pleasant tone, and exquisite craftsmanship. In particular, to highlight the distinctive character of the product, in the numerous goods on the shelf, with visual appeal, can attract the customer's line of sight, this packaging's first impression is often a prerequisite for customer choice.

The design of commodity packaging should be adapted to the needs of self-selected shopping malls, so as to expand sales and raise the selling price. The unique social function that commodity packaging has has shown its attractive charm from its own formation and development, and it has become one of the important symbols to measure the lifestyle and level of modern people. If quality products lack beautiful packaging. The sales volume may be greatly reduced. On the contrary, the quality of the goods, after some dress up, will play a role in improving the value.

In fact, whether packaging can attract customers and thus cause product sales or poor sales is an important factor. Therefore, designers should analyze and research products, markets, and consumers based on their own packaging theme. , Determine the appropriate design position, find out the differences between their products and other products (selling points), highlight the characteristics of other products, clear the relationship between primary and secondary, and establish the main content and direction for the creativity and performance of packaging design. Therefore, scientific, strong, beautiful, economical, and marketable, reasonable packaging can only be recognized by society.

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