Teach you how to design a "delicious" cookie package

[Chinese Packaging Network News] With the improvement of food culture, biscuits as dessert snack foods are rapidly developing. However, the outer packaging design of biscuits has also become the focus of people's development. The quality of biscuit packaging can directly reflect the quality of biscuits and people’s appetite for cookies and become an important part of biscuit sales. So, how can we design a beautiful cookie package?

Biscuit packaging design needs to pay attention to the following aspects, the perfect combination of these several aspects in order to achieve the ultimate packaging of biscuits.

1, biscuit packaging design needs to strengthen the theme

The theme of biscuit packaging design needs to be strengthened, and it should be impressive. It should highlight its characteristic personality, highlight the connotation of product quality, and be able to transmit its information to consumers in a timely and accurate manner so that consumers can resonate psychologically in emotions. .

2, biscuit packaging design should have a sense of quality

The cost of packaging is directly proportional to the value and quality of the product. Cookies have different grades, different grades, their quality and value are different, biscuit packaging design should be based on different grades to determine its design orientation, in the biscuit packaging design must ensure that packaging and product design is proportional to.

3, the color of biscuit packaging design should be novel

The design of packaging must be novel and unique in order to compete for a bigger market. In the design of biscuit packaging, color plays a very important role. Color can suddenly distinguish other products of similar products, can highlight their own personality, and psychologically stimulate consumers. Therefore, the application of color in the design of biscuit packaging should take these factors into account. The color should grasp the suitable group of biscuits, for example, the gift biscuits can use red and so on.

4, biscuit packaging design needs to consider the psychological needs

Consumers are paying more attention to the inner culture and inner taste of biscuits when they buy biscuits. This requires analyzing the orientation of biscuits in the market in biscuit packaging design, and how to embody the culture and taste of their positioning in the design. Biscuit packaging design should be different in shape, only the beautiful shape can give consumers a rich visual experience. In addition, biscuit packaging and decoration can be reflected from the color, the use of color can only proceed from the visual characteristics, the design needs to show the characteristics of biscuits, while taking into account the consumer's appreciation habits. Reasonable food packaging should be properly protected against crackers, including physical, chemical, biological properties, and exquisite decorations that are not exaggerated for storage, transport, and consumer use.

5, coding requirements for biscuit packaging design

The cookie packaging code must meet the relevant legal standards.

6, printing and typesetting of biscuit packaging design

The typesetting price of packaging printing is very high, so packaging and printing errors may cause great losses, and may also cause the law to impose sanctions on the company. Biscuit packaging design requires certain printing techniques and typesetting techniques. Makes the entire package perfectly present, giving a sense of quality and refinement. For more information, please pay attention to China Packaging Network!

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