American hardwood creation "chair" unlimited furniture design contest ended successfully

The American Hardwood Export Council Greater China Furniture Design Competition Awards Ceremony Successfully Yesterday 2012 year 4 month 10 The day was held at the Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, and all the guests at the scene witnessed the birth of the winners.

The organizers arranged a full day of activities, from morning till night, the more brilliant the night. At the beginning of the event, the organizers held a final review meeting. The five reviewers on the site were heated and discussed. The winners selected from the 15 finalists were each able to express their opinions. Subsequent press conferences, more than 30 media from various platforms, the awards and selection details of the major competitions, and the development trend of American hardwoods presented a series of questions. The organizers and the judges present at the scene patience for the media friends at the scene. answer.

After the press conference, the founder of the competition, Amy Defoss Art Design founder Amy Devers ( AmyDevers Ms. Lin Chongxi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Singapore and Singapore Rosary Furniture Co., Ltd. and Honorary President of the Singapore Furniture Industry Council, gave a lecture. Shi Nai Lao, Agricultural Consul of the Agricultural Trade Office of the US Consulate General in Shanghai Keith Schneller After the welcoming speech, the two judges began to share experiences and sparks with the designers and guests present. Designers of course also seized the opportunity to share their design ideas and design illusions with the competition judges in the lectures.

The activities went to the evening, and the suspense became deeper and deeper. The various awards in the competition were still confusing. The award ceremony was kicked off by the exquisite sand painting art show. Mr. Chen Xizhen, Director of the Southeast Asia and Greater China Region of the American Hardwood Export Council and Mr. Wu Zhiguang, Chairman of the Shanghai Architectural Association, opened the welcome to the guests and designers. Resignation. After the toasting ceremony, the five high-profile awards were finally interspersed in a joyful performance: Liu Dan’s work "To" won two awards, including "Best Creative Design Award" and "Final Review Award". As for the "Best Ergonomics Award", Ren Hongfei's work "Ballet", "The Most Environmentally Friendly Idea Award" is Li Langsi's "Beam Chair", and Xiao Le's work "Bao" won the vote by netizens. Network popularity award."

The organizers also randomly selected the Shanghai Yazhen Furniture Company Mr. Yao Haoran as the winner of the "Lucky Award" among all the netizens who participated in the online voting and commented on the finalists.

At the scene, 15 pieces of finalized design works assisted by Taicang Haihua Furniture Co., Ltd. were placed. Under the stunning sand painting performance, elegant jazz music, and passionate dance performances, 15 original designs are even more dazzling. After the award ceremony, the first American Hardwood Export Council Greater China Furniture Design Competition officially ended in melodious music.

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