What are the factors that define the age of the skin?

I often listen to some female friends who will ask: How is the age of the skin measured? Is the skin before the age of 25 young? Is it old after the age of 25? In fact, measuring the health of the skin is not explained by age, because many MMs have passed the age of 30, and the skin condition remains before the age of 25, then how should our skin age go? What about measuring? How to care for the skin that goes downhill?

Defining the age of the skin is related to what factors

Once upon a time, cosmetics manufacturers told us that women's skin reached a peak at the age of 25 regardless of collagen or water content. Since then, the skin has begun to decline, and it is time to start using anti-aging products.

In my opinion, 25 years old may be a watershed for some people, but it is not a watershed for all people. I think the skin has its own age, which is not the same as the physiological age of the human body.

The state of the human body is often closely related to many factors, such as heredity, not to be less genetic. Oh, the geographical area where you live, the high-intensity ultraviolet light in the plateau, the skin aging speed is definitely faster than in the plain area, and the air humidity is high. Be higher than the dry area; the habits of your life, improper diet, staying up late, alcohol and tobacco will cause your skin condition to go downhill prematurely; in addition, the tremendous pressure and mental distress in modern society will cause your body to change, so It is too thin to use the date of birth on an ID card as the basis for defining your skin age.

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