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As an outdoor famous brand, KAILAS has always combined high-quality products with innovative and professional technologies to provide high quality products for many outdoor enthusiasts. As the weather warmed up, KAILAS responded to outdoor demand and introduced new men's outdoor trail running shoes. This running shoe has attracted a lot of attention with its unique design, non-slip shock absorption function, light and simple appearance. Due to its good performance, the new cross-country running shoes are suitable for wild jogging in all kinds of mountains and gravel roads. The market price of KAILAS trail running shoes with three colors of gray green, brown orange and black and yellow is RMB 698.

KAILAS lightweight cross country running shoes

KAILAS Trail Running Shoes Ultralight Sole

The new cross-country running shoe sole is made of KALLAS's own ultra-lightweight rubber sole. The rubber sole is more elastic and can also play a certain role in buffering when exercising, thus reducing the damage caused by the feet during strenuous exercise. In the outdoor jogging, the lightness of the foot is an essential requirement. The rubber sole of KAILAS can reduce the weight of the shoes themselves and allow you to experience a relaxing feeling of the feet when jogging. The sole also uses a number of non-slip, wear-resistant design, so that you fully enjoy the fun of off-road jogging outdoors.

KAILAS cross-country running shoes insole in order to make the best heat dissipation, perspiration function, using a new upgrade of polyurethane high-density perspiration, antibacterial, deodorant insoles. This kind of material insole can well dissipate heat and breathe, and inhibit the growth of bacteria in the shoe cavity, so that you can get rid of the trouble caused by a lot of exercise caused by foot odor, but also make your feet get a moment of comfort.

KAILAS Trail Running Shoes Sole Design

KAILAS lightweight cross country running shoes heel

KAILAS trail running shoes upper

KAILAS new off-road running shoes upper overall fabric selection is ultra-light PU cattle with nylon mesh, while improving the breathability of the shoes, while reducing the weight of the shoes themselves, to ensure the comfort of the feet when running. The double-layer mesh and webbing design of the upper enhances the stability of the shoe to make it more suitable for outdoor sports.

KAILAS trail running shoes upper design show

KAILAS trail running shoes upper design show

KAILAS new cross-country running shoes focus on light, comfortable design, and this design better interprets the characteristics of running shoes should have. For those who love to jog outdoors, it takes only 698 yuan to enjoy the relaxed and comfortable jogging experience.

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