Southeast Asian furniture companies pay more attention to the production of solid wood furniture

In an interview, Li Tianci, president of the Malaysian Furniture Industry Association, mentioned that furniture companies in Southeast Asian countries pay more attention to the production of solid wood furniture because they are closer to the origin of raw materials.

Li Tianci told the author that next month will set up a permanent exhibition hall in Lecong, Foshan. The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, of which 45,000 square meters will be the showcase for Malaysian companies. “Because we have a lot of resources in Malaysia, Dongguan is also a lot of resources, including wood and wood. We hope to cooperate with China's sales market or export market.” Li Tianci also listed the cooperation mode of the champion alliance Shenzhen Station. “Like the seven brands we just saw, this can be the form of the retail store in the league. Domestic companies can work with us to make a style that suits their needs, and we can arrange it. Then we can do it. A platform, Lecong is the first step, and it is also focused on Chinese consumers and our retailers to see our Asian or Southeast Asian style."

Referring to solid wood furniture, Li Tianci believes that the current Chinese furniture design style is based on European, American or simple. Although many furniture companies have put forward the product slogan of all solid wood furniture, in reality, not all solid wood furniture meets the complete solid wood furniture from the inside to the outside. “Most of the furniture products that China sees are more puzzles. Others such as jigsaw, glass, etc. The effect is different from that of Southeast Asia. I hope that the products provided by Malaysian furniture companies will have Differentiation."

Li Tianci believes that the homogenization of Chinese furniture product design is more serious. To create a competitive advantage, differentiation is very important. He believes that Mousse has created a new form. "They have six brands, as I know. Their brands are different from their products in other companies. For consumers, they want to see this difference." Li Tianci cited the example of ipad. "We are now using ipad after 70s and 80s, and we have to add this function to it. Music should be added to it, because what they want is that function. From the perspective of our furniture industry, we have to look at it. The function of that electronic is added to our furniture. It seems like a TV set, you can control it with the remote control, and this function can be realized."

Regardless of the product, Li Tianci believes that environmental protection is very important. “I have a brand called oeko. oeko means environmental protection. Before we were in the US, we are now planning to invest in the Chinese market. But we are doing a lounge chair. The most important thing about the lounge chair is environmental protection. Our wood is Environmentally friendly, our coating is also water-based, the fabric is also environmentally friendly, and the cotton is environmentally friendly."

For this year's export market, Li Tianci is still optimistic. "The United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe can't do it. Because their raw materials and labor are too high, many times beyond our Southeast Asian level, then the point is that our prospects are very good, and China is also very good. But the point is to Do not have the same thing, have a brand of their own." Li Tianci hopes that enterprises do not OEM, because foundry companies can not get the maximum profit, but only the profits of foundry. Li Tianci feels that as long as the company can win the trust of consumers by making products that satisfy consumers, it will be able to obtain high profits.

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