"Green" wardrobe smoked the owner's head dizzy and rose, some furniture in Daqing City has "environmental" name

" Green " has become an important issue for the public to consider when purchasing furniture and decoration materials. Many businesses are aware of this and have used the psychology of the public to produce "green" cards . But in fact, the real environmentally friendly products must provide an environmental certification certificate authorized by the State Environmental Protection Administration with the “10-ring mark”. The Evening News reporter unannounced visits to some of the city's furniture market and found that many of the products of the business can not get the environmental certification, the name of "green" .

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"Green" wardrobe smoked the owner's dizziness

On March 10, Mr. Liu from Dongfeng Xincun reported that his wardrobe in the furniture store exudes a strange smell, and he and his wife are dizzy every day.

Mr. Liu said that his previous wardrobe was very worn out, so he and his wife decided to buy a new wardrobe in the furniture store. In the process of selection, he and his wife also looked at a pine wardrobe at the same time. After inquiry, the price of this wardrobe was 2,800 yuan. The salesperson said that this furniture is pure solid wood furniture. At present, there are promotional activities in the shopping mall. The original price is 4,200 yuan, just cut the price, and the furniture is certified by green environmental protection, ensuring non-toxic and harmless. In the end, Mr. Liu and his wife bought the furniture.

Just after the installation, he and his wife felt that the wardrobe had a strange smell, and the taste was even louder when the door was opened. Immediately, Mr. Liu dialed the phone number of the seller. The seller said that this was the taste of pine wood and disappeared after a week. But after a week, Mr. Liu felt that the taste had not disappeared. Every day, he and his wife were tortured by this quirky taste, and they were often stunned.

Mr. Liu said that how can such products be “green”? He felt that he was deceived. After that, he again contacted the seller and said that he wanted to return the goods, but he was rejected.

Claiming that environmental protection can't get formal certification

Recently, the reporter went to the “Lijia Mall Furniture City” in the Saertu District and made unannounced visits to many shops selling furniture.

In the "Jun Duowang" counter on the second floor, the reporter said that he would buy a wooden single bed. The salesperson said that her bed was made of wood and wood, and introduced one of the beds to the reporter. The price was 1900. yuan. The reporter asked whether the wooden bed is green or not. The woman said that the “Jun Duowang” brand has obtained green certification and is non-toxic and tasteless.

Then, the woman took the reporter to the forefront of the counter. The reporter saw that there are three golden certification cards, one of which is the “green environmental protection” certification, but the reporter carefully observed that this “green environmental protection” certification is “Hebei × × Association "Issued, it is not a green certification authorized by the State Environmental Protection Administration with the "10-ring mark".

In the "Greya furniture", the reception staff said that most of the goods in her family are fabrics, and the plates inside are not glued with glue. They are non-toxic and harmless green products.

When asked if there is any relevant certification for green environmental protection, the woman said that she had never heard of the green environmental protection certification. The manufacturer said that the product is green and environmentally friendly. She just promoted it, but the manufacturer did not provide any certification.

The reporter made an unannounced visit to the "green" to sell high prices

On the same day, the reporter went to the "Kangdixing" dining table counter. The reporter saw several certificates in front of the counter. One of them was the "China's outstanding green products" certification, and an advertisement was posted on the wall, which read " CCTV-3 CCTV cooperation brand".

A woman asked what kind of table the reporter wanted to buy. The reporter casually pointed to a table. The woman said that the table was pure rubber wood and it was a green product. It was non-toxic and tasteless, and the price was 4,600 yuan. The reporter said that it is somewhat expensive. The woman said that the first is good plates and the other is green, so the price is higher.

The salesperson admits that if the brand has a green certification, the price will be higher. If there is no certification, it can only be sold as a sub-brand, and the price will be much lower.

The salesperson pointed out that the wardrobes sold by her family are all pure pine. The price of green certified pine wardrobes is more than 4,000 yuan, while the pine wardrobes without green certification only sell for about 2,800 yuan.

Environmental certification can be done as long as it costs money

Subsequently, the reporter visited a number of merchants, in response to the environmental protection signs proposed by the reporters, some merchants said that if the reporters need, they can let the manufacturers paste when they ship. Because of the "10-ring mark" stickers, very colorful printing companies can do it, and even spend a little more money, you can get the relevant certification from some "certification companies."

In response to this situation, the reporter contacted a Guangzhou certification company, the staff said that their company can do environmental certification. The reporter is required to provide raw materials and take photos of the objects for testing. If the test does not meet the standard, you can find a batch that meets the test criteria, and you can give a certificate.

Evening News reminds you to look for "10-ring certification"

Ms. Zhang, who has been selling furniture for many years, told reporters that regular environmentally friendly furniture can control toxic and harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde within a certain range during production and use, and most of the furniture of some small manufacturers have not been formally tested. After installation, affected by temperature and humidity, it will release toxic and harmful substances. Living in the house for a long time will cause loss of appetite, dizziness and vomiting, and even serious diseases.

Ms. Zhang also revealed that some of the certificates and test reports issued by the merchants are different from the formal ones. Those certificates are neither issued by the authoritative department nor tested, but they are fooled.

Evening News also reminds consumers that when buying furniture, they must be cautious and recognize whether there is a “10-ring certification” issued by the government authority to prevent it from falling into the “flicker” trap of the merchant.

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