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If you say that the city is the most fashionable, then you raise the brand of white-collar petty bourgeoisie, and you are a winner. In fact, the city has popular fashion content every day, and the white-collar workers who pay attention to the quality of life are like the chasing stars. They often take all the photos, but when they are chasing fashion life, they have not thought of some fashion health care. Misunderstandings make them farther and farther away from healthy life.
One of the misunderstandings of fashion: Sleep is the general magic weapon of beauty. Fashion view: Most beauty books teach us that adequate sleep is essential for skin performance. Especially from 10:00 to 2:00 in the evening, don't miss it.
Comment: The five-injury in Chinese medicine refers to: long-term injury, sedentary injury, long-standing injury, long-term injury, long-term injury. Long-term bedridden is easy to make people lack of blood. Because the blood and blood are interacting, the blood is bloody, the qi stagnation is blood, and the gas is not bloody. The impediment caused by blood stasis can cause pain in the body. The so-called general rule is not painful, but the pain is not the same as saying this. Some people feel that the body seems to carry a mountain, there is no sense of ease and pleasure, in addition to the original dysentery, oversleeping may also be a reason.
Fashion Misunderstanding 2: Seafood, high protein, low fat, eat more. Fashion point of view: raw seafood, just look at the few words on the window is enough to make people think. Shrimp and crab with delicious taste, high protein, low fat, and no need to eat less.
Comment: Seafood is a high-nutrient, high-protein thing that tastes delicious, but it doesn't help. It is easy to bring people a modern rich disease - gout, the root cause is that the large amount of toxins contained in seafood will accumulate in the human body. The clinical manifestation is that the patient has redness and swelling in a few minutes to ten minutes, and the pain is difficult.
Modern people's diseases are caused by many reasons, such as work stress, anxiety, discomfort caused by disharmony of interpersonal relationships, and depression.
However, many people still stem from unreasonable diet and irregular life. Therefore, although the taste of seafood is beautiful, it can be rejected or rejected. It is better to refuse and refuse to eat.
The third misunderstanding of fashion: just to exercise, let us go to the fashion point of view: when Shebin was just popular, she also suspected that it was scientific in high heels training. After watching a Russian film, people are so trained, and the beauty that comes out is extraordinary. Not to mention yoga, they use the body to simulate the posture of the tree, the posture of the bird, and the posture of the moon. The background music is ethereal, the body is working under static pressure, and the ability grows up a little bit with time.
Comment: The impact of wearing long-heeled shoes on the body has been reported, not to mention wearing it for exercise. Wearing high heels for a long time to practice certain movements will have a serious impact on the cranial nervous system and lumbar spine system. Because the body is not balanced, it is easy to make the lumbar spine injured or the shape changes, so it is still suitable for sports shoes.
In addition, imitating the movements of some animal movements, if practiced properly, can really keep fit, but if you want to continue a certain posture, you must do your best. Yoga emphasizes the unity of body and mind, and when you feel comfortable, it is also the time when you are closest to the right way.

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