Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng couple nude makeup affectionate sweet

A "King Lock Heart Jade" has fascinated countless young boys and girls, and also has red-hot male and female protagonists Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng , Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng couples nude makeup photos have also been exposed, is it for fake drama really? However, from the photos of the exposed couples, such a couple's nude makeup is really powerful, let's take a look at how they interpret.

Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng couple nude makeup

Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng couple nude makeup

If you want to create a moisturizing effect like Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng's nude makeup, the most important part is the makeup. For the couple to travel in the spring, Xiaobian suggests that you can choose sunscreen products in the first step of the makeup. Then there is the modification of the entire makeup.

Step1, sun protection work before making makeup

The summer sun is very strong, don't forget the sun protection work. Apply sunscreen products for half an hour before sun exposure, and choose the sun protection index of sunscreen products for more sun exposure. If you want to stay outdoors for a long time, then the sunscreen should be thicker and can be timed if needed. Make up.

Step2, the foundation is decorated with flawless makeup

Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng couple nude makeup

In "King Lock Heart Jade", you will find that the makeup of the male and female protagonists is not rich, and there is no "Rouge gouache" in the past costume dramas, especially the most eye-catching male and female protagonist Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng. The whole shape is presented with nude makeup. From the side, you can see the importance of the base makeup in nude makeup. The best choice is to use the foundation to decorate the flawless makeup.

Let’s take a look at Yang Mi’s Feng Shaofeng couple’s nude makeup. The skin of both of them looks flawless, the skin is full of moisture, and it fits perfectly to the skin, thus showing a perfect matte effect. This is also the most popular nude makeup this year. The key point is that couples who like nude makeup can also try it.

Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng couple nude makeup

Yang Mi Feng Shaofeng's base makeup is relatively white, but the lighting with the scene is very perfect, and the matching with the clothing is also in place. However, it is worth noting that when men create a makeup, they generally choose a darker color than the makeup of the woman, so as to highlight the beauty of the face of the man's face.

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