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Many companies think that post-press processing is a necessary step to protect the ink film before it is issued to customers. Indeed, this is an important cause of image overlay, but it is not the only reason. Perhaps we have all heard: “Keeping the continued operation of inkjet printers is the best way to make money.” But this is actually misleading. The importance of post-press processing is often overlooked by people. This has also deterred many printing companies from making money.

A print job may be difficult to achieve the kind of visual effect that a printed product has before it is printed. In other words, the value of print is mainly reflected in its beauty. When a printed page undergoes a series of processes (splicing, cutting, laminating), it must integrate with the surrounding environment. If customers can get more confidence from a print service provider, then the latter will be able to get higher profits. In addition, exquisite post-press processing can virtually increase the value of customer products. When the post-press processing becomes an indispensable part of the printing production, the printing company is not far from the achievement.

In this process, the printing company must first let the customer understand various post-press processing materials and options, and let their sales staff learn to sell their customers a comprehensive sales solution instead of a simple printing service. You have to find ways to inspire your customers and expand their imaginations, otherwise they will only choose 2 mils (one thousandth of an inch) for glazing, because they do not know there are other solutions that are more suitable for their products. From this it can be seen that the salespersons have the responsibility to develop their own customers so that they know what kinds of post-press processing methods they can choose from; the printing companies should also encourage their sales staff to spend more time to the post-press department to learn.

You can demonstrate your level of postpress processing to your customers through sample sheets and let them know which effects are achievable. As long as you can get excellent works, you will be able to transform your post-press processing department into a profit center for the company. The key is to judge your ability level according to your own equipment and your post-processing options. Of course, you can start with your existing solutions, and then constantly improve and expand your own finishing options based on market demand and customer feedback. To make your business grow and profit, you must always pay attention to your operational efficiency. Buying a suitable digital printing device is of course important, but proper post-press processing services are also not tolerated.

In today's printing market, any successful printing service provider can stand out from the competition by providing customers with comprehensive finishing solutions. From trade shows to outdoor billboards to exquisite technical articles, printing service providers can gain more economic benefits through postpress processing technology. Post-press processing not only improves the performance of the product, but also brings huge economic benefits to the company.

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