The lack of standards for smart homes is in its infancy

Although not a new concept, smart homes have always been far away for ordinary people. In addition to limited categories and high prices, most of the smart homes that can be seen on the market are limited to single items. In smart homes, home appliances, lighting, computers and mobile phones work independently.

How to make your home smart? Perhaps only smart home control systems can truly integrate electrical, multimedia and communication devices into a user-friendly interoperability solution. Because it is more than just intelligence, it manages home space more intelligently.

Smart home history is short

"Video security, access control systems, lighting control, electric curtains, temperature and humidity control... These humanized functions and experiences belong to the category of smart homes." According to the Vice President and Secretary General of China Internet of Things Industry Association, Hong Kong Embedded Boswei, executive vice president of the Internet of Things Research Institute, said that the history of smart home can be traced back to 20 years ago, and it is really more than 10 years of development in China.

But the reality is that in the home market, there are few smart products. The reporter visited several mainstream home shopping malls and found that it was limited to bathtubs, toilets and other products, and could not find a supplier that could provide intelligent solutions for the whole house.

According to Liu Yan, director of Schneider Electric's Smart Living Space Division, in the past year or two, as consumers' demand has risen, many domestic companies have been involved in “smart homes”, so the industry is growing at a faster rate, but compared with foreign countries. China is still in its infancy. Liu Yan said, "Smart home is a home technology system that is constantly changing with the development of new technologies. There is no accurate positioning in the world, and developed countries in Europe and America are constantly promoting its development. In China, different domestic manufacturers. The definition of intelligence is not the same, but in the future, it will show geometric high-speed demand growth as the market matures."

Lack of industry standards

According to the reporter, the current concept of "intelligent" home has no uniform standard in the industry. Different manufacturers have different positioning. Some lighting companies, electrical companies and even some curtain companies are involved in the smart home market.

Rao Jinjun, general manager of Dongrun Technology, said that the concept of smart home has not been accepted by most people at this stage. Most people think that "smart appliances" and "smart furniture" are smart homes. Since there is no uniform industry standard in the smart home industry, there are gaps in management development and convener, and each manufacturer is operating in accordance with its own communication protocols and models.

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