How to choose a truly effective encryption chip

For the choice of encryption chip, we have to consider three aspects: chip platform, chip operating system security, feasibility encryption scheme.

1. The choice of chip platform
At present, there are two camps in the embedded encryption industry. One is the traditional logic encryption chip. The IIC interface is used. The principle is EEPROM peripheral, plus hardware protection circuit, built-in algorithm. The other is the smart card chip platform. The high security of the smart card chip itself is used to combat various external attacks. The logic encryption chip itself has a weak protection capability, and most decryption companies can easily crack it and have gradually been eliminated. Instead, it is the best proven smart card platform. In order to improve the high security of the smart card chip, the smart card chip selected has the EAL4+ chip of the International Security Certification Committee, otherwise the security is difficult to meet the requirements. Lingke Xinan's LKT series of encryption chips fully meet this requirement.

2. Security of the chip operating system
Under the premise of determining the smart card chip platform, it is necessary to consider the security of the chip operating system. The LKCOS operating system of Lingke Corean has been strictly tested by the authoritative department and has extremely high security and no security loopholes. Encrypted chip systems that are not PBOC-certified cannot be highly secure. In addition, Lingke Core's LKCOS can effectively manage the internal resources of the chip, and at the same time do a lot of effective protection against the underlying interface to ensure that pirates can not attack or crack from the chip operating system. This is very important. Some encryption chips that use the smart card chip platform only provide an interface for algorithm download. There is almost no processing for the underlying protection of the chip resource management and interface. Then, the pirate can use it as a vulnerability to attack. .

3. Choice of encryption scheme
Traditional encryption chips use algorithmic authentication. They claim that the encryption algorithm is so complicated and difficult to crack, but it does not consider the existence of a huge security hole in the algorithm authentication scheme itself. We clearly know that the microcontroller is an insecure carrier and is even completely transparent to pirates. To do algorithm authentication, it is necessary to write the key or password in advance in the MCU. After each authentication, give the MCU a judgment mark. As a judgment basis for the execution of the MCU, the pirate can easily grasp this point and attack. A single-chip signal, easily bypass the encryption chip, thus achieving the purpose of cracking. If you want to crack the internal data of the chip, it can be cracked by traditional means such as slice, ultraviolet light, debug port, energy analysis and so on.

The encryption chip using the smart card chip platform can effectively protect these attacks, and part of the code or algorithm in the MCU is implanted into the encryption chip, and these programs are executed inside the encryption chip, so that the program code inside the encryption chip becomes the whole. Part of the MCU program to achieve the purpose of encryption. Because the internal program of the MCU is incomplete, even if it is pirated, due to the lack of key code, it can not be copied. Then, what kind of code or program is selected into the internal part of the encryption chip is to test the skill of the MCU programmer. By implanting a program and increasing the strength of the algorithm, it is possible to effectively prevent the possibility of being deciphered. The LKT4200 32-bit smart card chip platform can solve all the above problems, and even floating-point operations inside the chip are no problem.

Therefore, we suggest that the choice of encryption chip, the preferred smart card chip platform, but also to choose a 32-bit smart card chip platform.

The biggest advantages of Lingke Xinan's embedded encryption IC are concentrated in several points:

First, Lingke Corean uses a high-end smart card chip platform as a hardware carrier, especially a 32-bit smart card chip. It is the only 32-bit encryption chip platform in China, and the security EAL5+ level smart card chip makes cracking impossible.

Second, Lingke Xinan's chip operating system LKCOS, through the detection of the national authority, has a very high security, the protection of the underlying ports, a lot of processing to ensure the security of the encrypted IC port. At the same time, the encryption mode that supports the custom code download and run is also the first implementer of the algorithm to transplant the encryption scheme.

Third, the security of Lingke Xinan's encryption scheme, the encryption mode of algorithm migration, the biggest feature is that the single-chip microcomputer program is incomplete. If the single-chip microcomputer is cracked, because the program is incomplete, it is impossible to complete the copy board, and it is transplanted. Part of the program is well protected and runs inside the encryption IC, and the client is free to write encryption algorithms or encrypted code. The traditional authentication encryption scheme, you choose the smart card platform chip with high security in time, it will not help, because the smart card encryption IC, you can not crack, but because of the integrity of your microcontroller program, you can be cracked, so that the encryption chip Lost the role it deserves. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right encryption solution.

We must also emphasize that the most secure encryption scheme must not adopt the mutual authentication mode between the MCU and the encryption chip. Once such an encryption scheme is adopted, the security of the encryption IC that you cannot select is ineffective. pay attention.

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