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Fluorescent Business Paste Special Paper is one of the high-end products of business paste special paper. There are five colors: pink, pink, orange, yellow and green. The production machine is 1760mm paper machine, the main weight is 75g, and the four specifications are 620mm. 770mm, 775mm and 927mm, products bright colors, uniform fiber tissue, smoothness, high height, high Tension is strong, impenetrable, can not afford hair powder, banner quantitative low, dust is very little. Fluorescent business paste paper is mainly used for messages, memos, classifications, notes, hints, marks, indexes, assignments, and other purposes. It is a simple and clear production and is a must for modern business, office, learning, and life. Our company produces a series of fluorescent products on good quality, some have replaced the import, become the domestic pillar of the products manufacturers. We can also provide special products to our customers according to our plan

Fluorescence Business Paste Special Paper

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