Labels affixed to the top of the bottle improve security

Juniper Innovations company's Richard Knight said: "Actually this is a rectangular label that is glued to the top of the bottle. It can prevent counterfeiting and identify the authenticity. The bottle can't be opened without damaging the label. The label can prove the authenticity of the bottle. "Fake counterfeiting has seriously affected the mood of consumers, producers, government departments and the business community. There has now been a way to combat counterfeiting and make sure that the goods purchased are genuine. Recently, Juniper Innovations, a company based in Wiltshire, England, announced the launch of Stealthmark's anti-counterfeiting bottle seal.

Stealthcodes and merchandise serial numbers are sent to customers at the same time and recorded in the security database. The seal label is affixed to the top of the bottle, and other types of product identification codes can also be written on the seal label, and a reliable record can be obtained.
Each seal label has a subtle code that is not visible to the naked eye. This is an anti-counterfeiting code called Stealthcode, which is legally valid for authentic products. There is also a bar code on the seal label. The scanner can read the serial number and tracking ID on the label.

Mr Knight said: "If a customer purchases a product with such a label on it, and the serial number and Stealthcode code read using a mobile or stationary device are accurate, it can be confirmed that the product is genuine. If the label is missing or impersonated, or the code cannot Checkmarks can be considered counterfeit goods."

Juniper Innovations is still working with Stealthmark and can provide investment and support advice for various agencies. Juniper Innovations also offers free tracking and identification tips and tricks.

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