Wood fortifier

Wood fortifier is a substance that enhances the hardness of wood surface, reduces water absorption, and improves mechanical strength and wear resistance. As the quality of high-quality wood is decreasing year by year, and fast-growing wood is increasing, wood fortifiers can overcome the shortcomings of fast-growing wood. Of course, wood fortifiers can also add to the quality of wood.

The wood strengthener consists of a high boiling point polymerizable material with suitable auxiliaries. Before use, the two substances are mixed and added to the surface of the wood, about 100-200 grams per square meter. After it is infiltrated, it is baked, taken out and placed in a ventilated place, and the odor is eliminated and the performance is stable.

Project maturity: At present, the technology has completed all the small test experiments, and the pilot test is underway.

Benefit Analysis: Some medium and low-grade woods have increased the hardness of the surface layer after being coated with the material strengthening agent. The hand feel is better than the original. It can also be processed, polished, lacquered and glued like wood. It is a kind of transformation of low-grade wood. A good way to become a medium to high grade wood. The treated wood can be used as handrails, handles, measuring tools, imitation mahogany furniture, arts and crafts, etc., so that some wood with poor wood can be used well, thereby achieving good economic and social benefits.

Investment conditions and scale: The main equipment is chemical general equipment. According to the annual output of 300 tons, the equipment investment is about 500,000-600,000 yuan. Raw materials are available domestically.

Name of the holder: Research Office of Peking University

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