Can solid wood flooring be directly paved on concrete?

Whether the solid wood floor can be directly laid on the concrete floor, this problem should be divided into the following situations:

If the ground floor is good, you can not make wooden keel, but you need to do moisture treatment. First, the floor is wiped with a mop and dried, and the moisture-proof film is fully covered and the floor is laid.

When the original ground in the home is uneven or not leveled, it is not possible to directly lay the wooden floor. You should choose the method of making the wooden keel. The wood keel generally has a cross-sectional dimension of 40mm×40mm, and the section with a large amount of human activity uses a cross-sectional dimension of 40mm×60mm. The wooden keel piece is to be used and glued, and the ground anti-corrosion wood is mounted on the left and right sides of the wooden keel. Fix the wooden keel piece in the shape of a mountain. Before installation, the bottom side of the wooden keel is brushed 2-3 times with anti-corrosion paint. After the wooden keel is installed, it should be planed. The solid wood floor should be fixed with screw nails. If there are conditions, buy some insecticides in the keel to extend the service life of the keel.

In the case of economic permission, where there is a large amount of people's activities (such as places where parties are often held), after paving the wooden keel, the large core board is placed on the keel, the effect is better, and the foot feels very good on the top. Quality is not easy to go wrong.

After the wooden floor is paved, the wooden floor and the surrounding wall should have an expansion gap of 5 to 10 mm, and it should be pressed with the baseboard to expose the "horse feet". The seams between the wooden floors should be tight and leave no traces. The joints are staggered, the nails are firm, and there is no loose feeling on the top, and there should be no sound. The surface of the wooden floor should be polished and smooth, without scratches, thorns, scars, clear wood grain, smooth texture and uniform color.

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