Floor radiant heating pay attention to humanization

Floor radiant heating pay attention to humanization

The production and use of gas fireplaces in Europe and the United States has been nearly 100 years old, very popular, and the technology is quite mature. In recent years, many new communities in Beijing have also received a large number of applications. Due to the use of this new heating facility, the heating method has also changed. People who pursue fashion life no longer like the traditional exposed pipes and heaters, because they are difficult to conceal their innate deficiencies, and they also occupy indoor space. In order to meet people's increasingly fashionable living needs, some residential projects have now transferred heating pipes to the floor, and there are no more pipes and heaters in the room, which is more neat and neat.

After the revision, Vanke Star Park was capped in advance, not only in the design, but also in the heating method. Floor heating is more conducive to air convection than the radiator used in traditional central heating, so that the indoor air is evenly heated. The temperature changes from the lower cloth to the longitudinal gradient. People feel the heat in the foot is strong in the room, the head is mild, and it is more in line with the physiological characteristics of the human body. In terms of energy saving, floor heating is 30% more energy efficient than general convection heating (return water temperature is 60%/50°C) and the temperature can be adjusted according to needs, while the supply and return water temperature of central heating reaches 95°C/70°C. The temperature cannot be adjusted. In terms of hygiene, radiant heating has a much lower average indoor airflow than convective radiators, which can reduce dust and reduce wall, article or air pollution. Eliminates the heat sink and the dust surface of the pipe and its volatile odor. In addition, in terms of practicality, floor heating does not occupy the living room space, which is more conducive to decoration. The selected polybutyl tubing is the best in plastic tubing, anti-aging period and building life, and overcomes the leakage of other plastic pipe joints.

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