Indeed to test the construction process standards of woodworking

The carpentry part portrays the five senses of the house. If the five senses are not correct, the beauty is not what to talk about. For woodworking construction, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1, the materials must be real materials, can not be shoddy, strictly according to budget, drawings.

2. All new brick walls and wood ornaments on the bathroom wall,
For example, the wardrobe and the styling wall surface must be brushed twice on the brick wall and the plywood surface to carry out the next process.

3. Make wooden ornaments on the original wall surface, such as door covers, window covers, skirting lines, etc., must be attached with a layer of moisture-proof paper.

4. When the solid wood lines and veneers are on the same line of sight, the colors must be harmonious and the textures are relative.

5, solid wood door line, window line, table line, closing line and veneer must be tight, firm and flat.

6, the furniture door, the side of the wardrobe, the drawer wall, the door obscured side must be closed with solid wood flat wire (except for the liner panel).

7. Furniture, wooden doors, anchoring lines, ceilings and floors have strict operating standards.

Furniture: 18 PCT wood board for furniture frame, 5 PCT board for back panel, 12 PCT wood board for drawer wall, and 5 PCT board for drawer bottom.

Wooden door: use the fir strips plus double-sided 9 PCT board and double-sided veneer to make the door, the thickness should not be less than 4 cm.

Foot line: Use 15 PCT wood board and decorative panel to add solid wood lines to do the skirting.

Ceiling: The gypsum board ceiling is made of wood keel and fixed with high quality (Jinyi brand) screws.

Floor: The mantle must be flushed, with a spacing of 24.4 cm in the middle (except for the bottom of the splint). For practical flooring, it must be fixed on the pine keel with floor nails.

8, kitchen, bathroom aluminum gusset ceiling must use wooden square frame as the base.

9, the drawer rolling road is not less than 3 screws, and the hardware, hinges and other hardware one hole to one screw, one can not be less.

10, veneer panels, nailed solid wood lines, glue can not be used less, but can not be used.

11. It is necessary to use a plaster cover on the surface of the partition wall or ceiling. When encountering walls, columns and beams, it is best to use the outsourcing method. The plasterboard partition wall must be lined with two layers of soundproof cotton.

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