Renovation costs cost a lot of secrets to the five major materials accounting reserve price

The most costly in home decoration is the floor, door, cabinet, lighting and sanitation, which is called the five main materials in the decoration. The price of these main materials directly affects the total renovation costs. Today's reporters visited Shencheng's various decoration materials industries to reveal the five major materials accounting prices for consumers.

Floor: 55 yuan / square meter is the watershed

The China Consumers Association recently announced the strengthening of floor consumption warnings.

It is recommended to buy a floor with a unit price of more than 70 yuan. Shenyang local industry experts said that due to tax, profit and other reasons, Shenyang's local purchase of floor prices can be at 55 yuan / square meter.

According to the person in charge of the floor industry association, solid wood flooring is not generally accepted by the public because of its high price. The most popular price range is currently 70 yuan - 120 yuan / square meter. If you want to buy quality laminate flooring, experts recommend buying products with a unit price of more than 55 yuan. At the same time, the price will fluctuate due to the influence of promotion and season.

Guard: 2,000 yuan or less is not realistic

As the most cost-effective bathroom in the decoration, the material classification is very fine. On the whole, the main materials needed for the bathroom decoration are ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.

Ceramic City experts told reporters that all ceramic products are difficult to distinguish between good and bad, even for professionals, it is difficult to distinguish, so it is recommended that consumers try to choose reputable brand products.

Tiles mainly include floor tiles and face tiles. Experts recommend that consumers buy bricks with a price of 60 yuan/square meter or more, and tiles for 25 yuan/square meter. He told reporters that in addition to wear and tear resistance, the standard for measuring ceramic tiles depends mainly on its penetration. If the penetration is serious, it cannot be used on the ground or on the wall.

In terms of sanitary ware, the general bathroom needs a toilet, a wash basin, a bathtub, and a high-end decoration will have a bath room. Wang Wende introduced that in the case of a 4 square meter bathroom, if the high-grade sanitary ware is completely used, the cost will exceed 10,000 yuan; the cost of using the mid-range sanitary ware can be compressed to about 5,000 yuan; if the economic conditions are limited, the lowest price can be reduced to 2,000 yuan, but If you want to control below 2,000 yuan is not realistic.

Door: a molded door 700 yuan

Many consumers always neglect the importance of the door in the decoration. It is often the case that the door is only considered in the final process. As a result, the door can only be made up because of the few leftovers, and some consumers even consider themselves to hit the door. According to industry insiders, it is not cost-effective to hit the door, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Some hardware accessories and paintings, etc., manual doors and finished doors are incomparable.

Experts in the industry said that the most commonly used residents are molded doors and solid wood composite doors, each of which has its own advantages. Xiao Dan of Haitian Decoration Company said that the price of molded door is relatively cheap, about 300 yuan, plus the total price of door sets is about 700 yuan, the price is cheap, and the quality is not bad. Solid wood doors are more luxurious products. Liu, general manager of Ziqi Donglai Door Industry Supermarket, introduced the branded door of 1000 yuan, which should be the bottom line of the price of solid wood doors.

Cabinet: can not be less than 800 yuan / Yanmi

The cabinet should be the most expensive product in the home decoration, and it will cost 10,000 yuan. How much of the cabinet can you use with confidence? Industry experts said that at least 800 yuan / Yanmi.

According to relevant home improvement experts, the prices of various products are different and closely related to the materials used. For example, imported hardware and ordinary hardware have substantial differences.

Through practice, some brands of cabinet hardware are durable and non-deformable, while some low-priced cabinets, anti-vibration airbags, and door-backers have different degrees of damage after using for a period of time, and the cabinet parts are different from other products because it is The integrated structure is difficult to repair, so professionals recommend that consumers should purchase products with a minimum price of 800 yuan/meter or more. Lamps: The price is the most random.

As the most complex type of luminaire, industry experts recommend that you choose according to your needs when purchasing. The price of the lamp ranges from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. There is a difference in quality, but there is no substantive problem, and consumers can use it with confidence.

According to the designer, the installation of the lamps is now installed according to the indoor needs. There is no fixed mode and price. Usually, if a living room needs lighting decoration, it may cost several thousand yuan. If it is not needed, you can install the ceiling light directly. Tens of dollars, so the cost accounting of lamps is determined according to the economic conditions and requirements of consumers, and the randomness is very large.

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