Champagne bottle "lose weight" gradually becomes a trend

Pommery, owned by Champagne producer Vranken-Pommery Monopole, is by far the only large-scale winery to use lightweight bottles, which began in 2003 with lighter bottles. They claim that a truck can hold more than 4,000 bottles.

It is estimated that if each Champagne Winery uses this lightweight bottle, it will reduce the use of more than 3,000 trucks each year.

Michael Roberts, founder of the British Sparkling Wine Group's RidgeView Wine Estate, said that light bottle wines will be available as early as next year.

Generally speaking, sparkling wine bottles are more than twice as heavy as standard wine bottles to withstand stress. However, due to high transportation costs, French champagne producers decided to lose weight for wine bottles.

GH Mumm, the French wine giant, has recently produced 2.5 million champagne bottles. Each bottle weighs 835 grams, which is about 65 grams lighter than the standard bottle.

This move by GH Mumm is a requirement of the French Champagne Industry Committee (CIVC), which should represent the interests of grape growers and Champagne producers. CIVC must ensure that these batches of glass bottles do not easily explode before they are allowed to be sold by GH Mumm. After this batch of glass bottles, after two and a half years of aging, the safety test can be completed. If the test is successful, cnwinenews.comC will recommend this light bottle to other members.

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