There are two principles to follow when choosing toys.

Principle 1: Choose toys according to their age characteristics and psychological needs

Children of different ages have different degrees of physical development and psychological development, and the requirements for toys are different. Parents should choose toys accordingly.

Children aged 1 to 2 years old already have certain mobility. For children at this stage, parents should choose toys that promote their physical development, such as small balls, trolleys, building blocks, rag dolls, etc. Children aged 3 to 4, like the development of language functions, prefer to imitate the movements of surrounding adults. And life, so they can choose the theme toy that imitates life; children aged 5-6 years, the knowledge and experience are gradually increasing, the autonomy is strengthened, they can choose their own hands-on, brain-moving toys, such as chess toys, building blocks and some Instrumental toys and semi-finished materials such as wood boards, wooden hammers, safety scissors, glue, etc. Guide your child to use these things to create their own ideals. This kind of active and active constructive activity is most beneficial to children's physical and mental development.

Principle 2: According to the differences in children's personality, purposefully choose toys

For active children, parents can choose static intelligence toys , such as building blocks; children who are lonely and silent, parents can choose dynamic toys, such as voice-activated toys; children with impetuous temperament, parents can choose Production toys, such as semi-finished products or cartons, magnets, silk cloth, etc., allow children to develop sharp discriminating ability during the process of concentration.

Of course, in addition to properly choosing toys for children, it is more important for parents to guide children to use toys effectively and creatively.

Flip Clock Series, fully designed and developed by Mid-Clock R&D team, CE and RoHS Marking approved.

Flip Clock can flip down the card automatically, with 48 pieces of cards on the left and 60 pieces of cards on the right. Both AM/PM and 24 hours display are available. It depends on what we print on the card.

Since the time Flip Clock was developed, it has been one of the best-selling products till today.  The way it works is mysterious. It can always inspire you when you are staring at it. At least, the Flipping can tell you that time is Flying.

We have extended different series for Flip Clock, such as Classic Retro, Box Flip, Building Series, Funny Stuff. Different series have different sense of feelings for different occasions.

We can provide customized service with ordering a MOQ at 300PCS, not only printing the LOGO on it but also customize the Font/Colors/Content of the cards, even the pictures, as long as you like, can be printed on the cards. The color of the metal frame can be customized too.


Flip Clock

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