How to deal with different materials of the carton printing (bottom)

Sixth, ink printing printing slotting machine debugging problems

When using low-gram paper, when making corrugated cardboard and carton paper, if the gap of the feed roller is adjusted too small, the corrugated board will be bruised. When the paper is low in crotch, the gap between the pinch rollers is too small and it is particularly easy to crush the paper.

When the pattern is printed near the indentation line, it will change to a dark line (in the slitter automatic line slitting machine or on a single slitting machine; only the indentation line in the paper box is suppressed. Do not press on the creasing line on the carton surface).

Seventh, the paper filler and sand damage to the tool is a problem caused by unhappy tool

Before the corrugated board is printed, it is to be cut by various tools. The edge of the cutting edge of the corrugated cardboard must be smooth and the burr should be reduced. The paper ash, paper scraps, and impurities should be reduced to the printing plate to block the plate, resulting in the printing of the printing plate. The product does not meet the requirements. As a result, various tools for processing corrugated board are required to be sharp. In particular, corrugated paperboard produced from ordinary linerboard and low-grade teaboard paper is prone to produce paper dust, paper dust and impurities. Therefore, tools that require corrugated board are not subject to sharp edges and notches, and should be sharpened and replaced regularly. Tool. In addition, the sand and hard fillers in the base paper are also very damaging to the cutters. Therefore, when the base paper is introduced into the factory, it should be strictly controlled. The base paper with more sand particles should not be added into the factory.

VIII. Problems caused by different papermaking materials and papermaking processes

For example, the penetrability of ink on kraft paperboard is slower than that of linerboard paper, and the absorption of ink by coated paper is less than that of linerboard paper and teaboard paper. The amount of ink sucked on the liner paper is between kraft paper and tea board paper. The surface of the tea board paper is poor in strength, easy to fall hair, and paper dust, and the ink used is preferably low in viscosity so that the paste platelet can be reduced. In addition, when cardboard and tea paper are used as cartoned paper, the absorption performance of cardboard and tea board paper is relatively large, and the viscosity of the ink can be appropriately reduced to reduce the problem of falling powder and hair loss. However, if the paper absorbs too much raw paper, there will be another problem that causes the printed color to fade and become less bright.

Nine, the choice of printing

The thickness of the printing plate is preferably selected according to the surface roughness and different thickness of the corrugated cardboard. If a fine picture of a photo type is printed on a corrugated cardboard box, it is preferable to use a coated white paper and print it on the offset printing machine with the PS version. Better natural color reproduction. In the rough surface of the kraft paperboard, liner paper, cardboard, tea board paper printing, should choose a thicker and more resilient elasticity, strong wear resistance flexible resin plate. For thin lines, small texts, and small patterns, a harder rubber plate may be used, but the thickness of the printing plate must be guaranteed. That is, the pressure may be increased during printing to achieve the purpose of clearly printing the printed content onto corrugated paper. Printed version of the plate used in the field should use a flexible resin plate with low hardness and good elasticity.

Paste the printing plate on the polyester film and paste it firmly. Otherwise, the ink will soak to the place where the double-sided adhesive is applied, causing the printing plate to pop open. When the printing plate runs at a high speed, the product that is crashed or printed will not appear. Wild ink should be there.

Ten, from the process of optimization

When printing multicolored inks, it is important to note that the viscosity of the ink after printing is large, otherwise the multicolored ink will not be printed on the previous color ink, but the hair color and the background color will appear. In addition, it should be noted that the ink contains alcohol and amine volatile solvents. Therefore, for a long time when the printer is stopped, the ink roller of the printing machine should always be in operation to prevent the ink on the ink roller from thickening and sticking.

Printing to avoid printing thermal corrugated board, thermal corrugated board due to the cardboard fiber in the heat under the effect of soft, the corrugated shape has not yet fully stereotyped, so be sure not to print thermal corrugated board, or the corrugated board edge pressure will The damage is large, and the edge pressure strength of the corrugated cardboard will drop by more than 20% when severe, and it will also cause the loss of the thickness of the corrugated cardboard. So it is best not to print thermal corrugated cardboard.

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