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First, Casio high-end watches, such as mountaineering series, marine series, and G-shock new watches and solar type, there is no fake! !

1. Can't make it. Since the mountaineering series and the marine series contain a high-tech triple sensor, the counterfeiter cannot imitate it. It is easy to recognize the table by simply trying all the functions once. Therefore, no one will be foolish enough to make such a false appearance. In addition, the new G-shock, counterfeiters are difficult to counterfeit in a short time. Even if some old models have fakes, it is easier to distinguish them visually. If some friends are not familiar with Casio and want to buy parallel imports, it is best to buy the high-end watch I mentioned.

2. No one made. Without huge market demand, counterfeiters are not profitable. Casio watch, even if it is cheaper, I think it will not have such a big market as mobile phones. Counterfeiters will not waste their efforts. In addition, even more expensive casio watches, only a few thousand dollars only, unlike the Rolex fraud, there are profits. On the market, if there is a false appearance of casio, it is not a deliberate counterfeiting but a factory branding. Such a table is very easy to identify true and false.

3. Can not be demolished. A friend has concerns that the movement of the watch is changed, etc., in fact, there is no need to worry about this. The Casio watch is a precision craftsman who can't be installed by most people. It won't be like a cell phone, but it can be taken apart and removed. Since it cannot be removed, there is no need to worry about the renewal of old watches. Even a small number of people who have the skills to remove the table will not do such a thankless task. Have you ever seen an unlocked master rely on stealing people to make money?

Based on the above reasons, to buy Casio watches, you need to choose whether to buy parallel or licensed, without worrying about buying fakes.

Second, parallel imports and licensed goods are exactly the same.

1.Casio watches do not have a factory in mainland China. Watches are produced in Japan, South Korea, Malay, Thailand and other places. The same model of watch must be from the same factory. Therefore, the watches we purchase are from a factory as long as they have the same model number. It doesn't make any difference because of the place of purchase.

2. The watch does not have localization issues. The Casio watch menu is available only in English and digital and is common throughout the world. Unlike mobile phones, they need to be localized according to the market. For example, if a NOKIA mobile phone is sold in China, it is necessary to finish the simplified menu and get it in Hong Kong. It is necessary to use the traditional Chinese menu, and to get it to Japan, it needs to be “daily”. The domestic use of mobile phones is not easy to use, because when they are sold to the mainland, they have to refresh their chip characters. This work is not done by manufacturers, so it often happens that mobile phone functions cannot be fully realized, and often even crashes.

Furthermore, watches are isolated products that do not require outside support and do not affect the use of locations. At the very least, it is the time for China to design a radio-controlled product to get China. It will not be used because of problems such as frequency system.

Therefore, we use the same Casio regardless of where we buy the table and where we use the table!

3. Moral issues

Many CasioFans believe that buying parallel imports has escaped the national tax and is immoral. In fact, Casio watches are the reason why the difference between licensed and parallel goods is different. There are reasons for taxation, but this is not the main reason. The root cause is the Japanese Casio's sales strategy to China. The same product, the price of which is distributed through its authorized channels is not the same. Casio's watches sold in China are significantly more expensive than other regions. A convincing example is that the price difference between men's G-shock and mountaineering series is very different. Take the mainland licensed goods compared with Hong Kong, the price difference is basically more than doubled. In the Baby-G series, there are differences in pricing but not much. Interested friends can take the online parallel prices and licensed comparison will find that G-shock, hiking series parallel prices are generally less than mainstream 1/2; and Baby-G prices are not much difference. The reverse thinking, if it really caused price differences because of tax payment, then the magnitude of the difference should be the same. Does the country not set separate tax rates for G-shock and Baby-G?

I do not want to define this market strategy and behavior as "discriminatory" to China, but at least, we buy parallel imports that can prompt Casio to adjust its pricing strategy. Let more friends own Casio and let more friends spend less. There is no moral problem. Why do all people have a soft spot for buying in Hong Kong and snort at buying parallel imports? There is no difference between the two. If there is any, there is nothing more than someone who helps you to buy from Hong Kong and benefit from it.

Fourth, maintenance

Some friends do not buy parallel imports. In fact, there is not so much concern. One is: licensed warranty. This is true, but Casio is loved by her and its excellent quality is one of the main reasons. Many people wear a casio electronic watch for ten years. Don't worry about quality problems in one year. However, nothing is absolute. What if the purchased watch is broken within one year? There are two solutions: 1. Find a seller to repair, the seller has a purchase channel, there is a warranty channel. Get a repair in Hong Kong or Shenzhen. Because Hong Kong Bank is not without warranty, it is going to repair in Hong Kong. By the same token, the form you buy in Hong Kong must be repaired in Hong Kong. How can no one worry that the watch bought in Hong Kong will be broken in one year? 2. Buy a new one, two tables are cheaper than one. If, in a year, you buy two watches are broken, according to reliability theory, this is impossible. If it really happened, I suggest you buy a lottery ticket!

V. Purchase issues

The general purchase of parallel imports is on the Internet, looking for reputable businesses, no problem. People will not lose credibility in order to lie to you once. Note that it must be asked whether he is licensed or parallel. If he says that he is licensed, he must be deceived and find another seller. If he says that it is a parallel product, it is honest and reliable.

For girls, it is highly recommended to purchase regular goods at regular malls. Because the price difference is not big and the style is complete, why not? Xidan underground shopping center often 8.5 fold, it is a good deal. Looking forward to the arrival of men's watches can be as early as a female form, and then, my post will naturally be forgotten. Friends are only buying licensed Casio. Is this not a win-win situation?

As a Casio fan, I was late at night and dedicated to Casio partners like me. Wish Casio better tomorrow!

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