High-accuracy EZ-ARRAY system comes out

Banner Engineering has introduced a new type of measuring light curtain system, EZ-ARRAY, which is easy to use and fully functional. Many products need to be connected to a computer before they can be used. The EZ-ARRAY can be set up using only a simple DIP switch. The system has a very high degree of accuracy, with a minimum target detection of 5 mm and an edge resolution of up to 2.5 mm.

The EZ-ARRAY consists of a row of emitters and a row of parallel receiver sensors designed to detect or measure the size and position of particles, components, and parts in control or sorting operations. It is suitable for product dimensioning and forming in the packaging industry and forestry, hole inspection during sheet metal manufacturing, edge guidance and loop control in printing and continuous film processing systems, and part counting during material handling and distribution With sorting.

The system is an integrated two-piece design for electronic devices that does not require a separate controller. The system is equipped with proprietary software for more advanced settings. Its sturdy aluminum housing is equipped with M12 connectors for IP65 protection.

The system has flexible outputs including two digital outputs, two analog outputs, and Modbus output ports. It also has a visual display device that includes multiple color LEDs for display status, a 7-segment bar chart for calibration, and a 3-digit display for diagnostics. The detection height is 150 to 1800 mm and the detection distance is 400 to 4 meters.

Banner Engineering is a world-leading manufacturer of vision sensors, optoelectronic and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic components, mechanical protection systems and precision measurement and inspection systems. The company provides local application support throughout the world.

Reprinted from: First Packaging

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