The Influence of Platemaking Quality on Printing Effect

Modern platemaking technology is a digital high-tech platemaking technology. In recent years, Jiangxi's platemaking industry has achieved rapid development. For example, Jiangxi Mengda's computer-platemaking technology and equipment already belong to the advanced level of the same industry in Jiangxi. Japan Screen 7060 electronic color separation, AGFA36S laser phototypesetting, U.S. G4/400 Mac graphic image processing system, Century RIP cross-platform output, the use of these hardware devices and imported film, make the color plate making process enter Digital and scientific era. Coupled with the introduction of advanced offset printing equipment such as Manroland and Heidelberg in Germany, the quality of the local printing of Jiangxi printing products has changed significantly: high image reproduction rate, high printing density, brilliant colors, good printing effect, and precision of printed products Unprecedented improvement.

There are still some gaps in the process of plate printing in the developed coastal areas such as the Mainland and Guangdong. In the case of color printing, design processes sometimes occur. The screen process results are inconsistent with the color information between the output proofing or the printing results. In fact, most of these are in India. The process of pre-platemaking technology, and the key to these problems is caused by the effect of the electronic fractional scanning reduction rate during the platemaking process. Only the fine dot-spots are clear and structured, and the electronic color separation basically consistent with the manuscript is added with image processing. With stable printing and proofing, good prints can be printed. Otherwise, high-end printing equipment can not make up for the congenital deficiency of the plate.

To sum up, the downside is that our electronic sub-scans urgently need to be improved. At the same time, the output and proofing control points must maintain technological stability in order to improve the overall level of plate making. The first is the output quality control point. When the PS file outputs the film through the laser photocopying, in addition to developing, fixing, drying and other technical links, the most important link is the test of the film outlet outlet, through the density of the signal transmission detection, adjust the technical parameters, reach outlets Clearly structured and relatively stable; Second, proofing quality control point. Traditional proofing visually adjusts the amount of ink on the thick, thick and thin ink sensation, but stable printing proofing must use densitometers to reflect the plane signal bars to achieve data control of the ink volume, so that the color hierarchy relationship and the network point tend to be moderate. Stay relatively stable.

Based on these two technical controls, the electronic sub-scanning constantly explores, analyzes, summarizes, and uses different technical data to process different image effects in pursuit of the best. Through training, communication, and introduction, the weak link can also be improved technically, solving the problem of insufficient manuscript (image) restoration, color perception, and flexible use of image color separation data processing, thereby enabling the original design intention and printing results. The color and information are consistent. To sum up, on the basis of advanced hardware equipment, the introduction of advanced first-class skills and modern management concepts has become a new challenge faced by people in the industry. The improvement of plate making technology will have a direct impact on the printing effect of printed products. .

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