Bowl shaped food can

Crown Food Packaging has tailored a wide range of bowl-shaped food cans for the fast-food market, using the latest easy-open-cap technology to hold fish, meat, puddings, fruit, and cream desserts. Shelf life up to 3 years. The food cans are made of materials such as aluminum, iron, or polymeric plastics, ranging in size from 4.5 ounces to 16 ounces.

Corner Guards

Reflecitve material engineering grade reflective sheeting. Corner guards are constructed from high impact resistance natural rubber. They are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. Corner guards relieves the tension of chipped & broken corners of pillars / columns. They are mounted onto the edges of, preferably all the 4 edges of square columns of basement parking as well as the edges of the walls in industrial premises. They are suitable for medium & heavy traffic areas & also moving trolleys. They are a perfect solution for chipped edges in car parks, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, hotel, schools, sports areas and multitude of other commercial properties.



1.yellow and black interval,attractive in the day.

2.Embedded with high light yellow reflective material,catch the attention of drivers in unclear day or night!

3.Rubber is good material to protect vehicle and constructions because of the softness.

4.Installation is easy,and the production is durable!

Corner Guard

Corner Guard,Table Corner Guard,Plastic Corner Guards,Safety Corner Guard


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