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Books that disseminate knowledge have different tasks because they carry different books. They have obvious timeliness, publicity, notice, and even one-off. Therefore, the requirements for binding are relatively simple; for most people, they have the task of accumulating knowledge and accumulating cultural tasks. In terms of books, the pros and cons of its framing are crucial. This article mainly discusses the latter type of book binding.

Mr. Lu Xun pointed out in his early years that book binding is an independent art of painting and emphasizes the decorative effect of binding on books. In my opinion, if we take into account the changing factors of design concepts, layout images, decorative materials, book modelling, and printing and binding processes, we can say that book binding is not only a painting art, but also a kind of painting art. Unique works of art; works of art associated with specific cultural content; book binding is a kind of binding culture. Since it is a work of art, it must follow the rules of art aesthetics to judge and pursue. I think that along with the development of society and economy, there are high-grade and even some luxurious book covers. This is a manifestation of the art of book decoration and its artistic charm. It is progress and development. It is understandable and worthless. The reason is:

First, the elegant book is a reflection of the ever-increasing level of science and technology in China's printing process and equipment. Recalling the history of the development of books in China, printing from the engraving, type, lithograph, printing, printing, porcelain version, until the modern computer phototype and color printing; binding from bamboo, regular script, butterfly, reel, thread, 裱The equipment, until the modern hardcover, soft hardcover, bronzing and so on, each technological advance has brought a qualitative leap to the book. What kind of scientific and technological level, what kind of book is produced, this is the inevitable development.

Second, different book clothing reflects different flavors of the times. For example, the Qing Dynasty's "Dianban Book" was approved by the emperor. Natural engraving does not hesitate to pay attention to the cost of the work. "Qingshan Hangjian, Qing Shihang Fine Noodles". This type of book dress highlights the royal style everywhere. On the eve of liberation, the bookstores of the Kuomintang government-run bookstores used more red, which was precisely a psychological reflection of the fear of the revolution. Today, some children's books carry sounds and even scent. Many books and books, books, and bookmarks are used to advertise. These books are a reflection of the breath of the times.

Third, different books, reflecting the value of different versions. A particular book is an important constitution and logo of different editions. Sometimes books are purchased for a specific version of the book, and the book dress undoubtedly occupies a very important ingredient. The exquisite book-reading also has the value of displaying and viewing. The National Library of Beijing has a "great book counter", which is a book with exquisite binding. Many people have bookcases in their homes, and they enjoy sitting in bookstores for pleasure. Believe that they want to display, it is also bound to be mostly book exquisite and beautiful book.

Fourth, some books have the value of collection and even value-added. Not only rare books, rare books, early editions, famous signature books, miniature books, special editions, limited edition books, etc. are of collectable value. Those books, fine books, reference books, and series books are often bought and collected. There are many people in the West who regard the collection of fine books as a romantic mood. The main motive for them to buy books is not to read, but to be enchanted by the book. In the developed countries, books collection and auction have become a very promising industry. There are professional book collectors, connoisseurs, and brokers, as well as a variety of book collections and periodical auctions. In this regard, we are a bit lagging behind, but it is undoubted that we should improve the book to meet the needs of the collection.

Fifth, gifts gifts have become a kind of fashion for today's book consumption. With the development of society and economy, the tradition of people giving gifts is constantly evolving. Gifts have gradually evolved from practical ones of earlier years to knowledge-based, elegant-type, appreciation-type, and treasure-collection-type. In particular, in recent years, many people have no longer given gifts such as tobacco, alcohol and food, but instead have flowers and beautifully-booked books. In this way, a batch of well-received New Year's Book, He Jie Book, Xiao King's Book, and a corporate public relations book came into being and became a hot spot for the book market. There are many kinds of motives for using the gift book, and it is also difficult to avoid having some kind of self-interest. This is another topic that is not discussed in this article. But one thing is to conclude that most of these books are not used to read on their own, but are used to communicate emotions and express their intentions. Of course, they are required to be loaded with grades and styles. As a result, special gift books appeared for gifts. Actually, books and gifts have long been available in ancient and modern times. When Joyce, the author of Ulysses, published his book in 1939 as the first edition of "The Finnegan Wraith," it was clearly not for sale. It was only used to present relatives and friends, and the gift edition was worth a hundredfold. It should also be pointed out that leaders of various countries often use fine books as gifts to foreign guests. Far away, when Russia celebrated the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg last month, President Putin will be the masterpiece of the “Saint Petersburg 1703-2003” that he personally prefaced as a gift to the heads of state participating in the celebration. The book is extremely well-trimmed, gilded, with three-color ribbons for the bookmarks, inlaid with the city emblem and Putin's portrait. Each book cover weighs 10 kilograms. This shows the value and role of the gift book.

Some people may say that the book focuses on the content, but it is only a "booksuit" and a wrapper. It can't be put aside. This is not the case. Imagine being dressed to protect the body from cold, of course. If only this is the requirement, what is the fashion of today's dazzling fashion? It can be seen that fashion is also good, high-grade books are installed, and their appearance is a progress of civilization and a sublimation of aesthetic taste. As long as we have this strength, we will try our best to make the decoration of valuable books more elaborate, and why do we have to be demanding?

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Sometimes readers appreciate and buy a book not because of the content of the book but because of the beauty of the version. Many literati such as Lu Xun, Ye Shengtao, Wen Yiduo, Hu Feng, Ba Jin and others had personally participated in the bookbinding work; Bian Zhilin also introduced the French artistic style to the binding design of the time. The literati's participation in the design of the new literary version is a major feature of the history of Chinese bookbinding art. (Jiang Deming: New Literature Version, December 2002)

After Mr. Ba Jin received the hardcover copy of Random Thoughts, he was glad to give Fan the letter: "It is the first-rate paper, the first-rate binding! It is you who have made me this difficult book with brilliant lights. Introducing the 'Civilization' book market." (Fan use: "Talking on literary book bindings and illustrations" January 2003)

Some publishers in the United States, for some famous books, often have only 26 special editions for the first edition, and they are numbered in 26 alphabetical letters. The purpose is for future auction collections. The early version of the American wild poet Eliot "The Waste Land", the auction price has increased to 1,500 US dollars. In book auctions, framing is flawless and perfect, and sometimes the price is a few times or even several-fold. (Zheng Shusen: "The price of a book is priceless")

Today’s important book collections, auctions, and book price assessment publications in the United States include “Book Collectors”, “Book Auction Records”, “Contemporary Book Prices”, “Readers Weekly”, “Readers' Annual Review”, “Stolash and Hefner” Book News etc. (Zheng Shusen: "The price of a book is priceless")

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