Carbon paper composite paper

Patent Name A carbon paper composite paper Patent applicant Wang Bailang Principal Applicant Address 323300 Inventor Wang Bailang, No. 9 Huancheng South Road, Miaogao Town, Suichang County, Zhejiang Province; Liu Chao Application (Patent) No. 03273064.0 Date of application 2003.06.27 Certification Date Verification Bulletin No. 2740651 Auditing Notice Day 2005.11.16 Manual CD-ROM D0546 Main Classification No. D21H21/14 Classification No. D21H21/14; D21H27/30 Sub-item Original Application Serial No. of Priority Claims This application relates to a paper, and in particular to a Kinds of composite paper for health care, decoration and packaging. A carbon paper composite paper comprises a carbon paper (3). A pure pulp layer (4) or a plastic film is compounded on the upper surface and the lower surface of the (3) carbon paper, respectively. The carbon paper composite paper of the utility model has no change in the adsorption function of the carbon in the carbon paper, and can effectively solve the problem of shedding of the carbon particles, and is relatively easy to be realized in practical production and application. Sovereignty Item 1. A carbon paper composite paper characterized in that the carbon paper composite paper comprises a layer of carbon paper (3), and a surface layer for preventing the carbon particles from falling off is compounded on the surface of the carbon paper (3). International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Hangzhou Fengqi Patent Office Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Wang Pengju

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