Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery developed DXR-9000 plastic cup molding filling and cutting machine

Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the DXR-9000 plastic cup molding filling and cutting machine, which integrates plastic cup forming, filling, sealing, coding, die cutting and other functions. The equipment plastic cup adopts pre-pulling and air pressure combined forming, so that the quality and speed of cup making can be guaranteed. The metering pump is used to measure the accuracy of the filling quantitatively, and the controllable diaphragm drip-proof filling head is used for filling, which solves the problem of drip leakage. Using the combined mold structure, the four processes of punching, shearing, indentation and de-emphasizing are combined to simplify the mechanism and the accuracy of punching and indentation is higher. The filling system and the molding gas use sterile air. The sealing film is sterilized with ultraviolet rays. The whole process of cup making, filling and sealing is protected by active door panels to prevent contamination during the packaging process, and automatic pipe system CIP is used. Cleaning function.

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