RTM develops all-electric thermoforming machine

RTM recently developed a fully electric-operated thermoforming machine called MILANOENG. This series of models implements a fully automatic continuous cycle production, suitable for processing plastic foils, including the thickness commonly found in the market; For HIPS and similar materials, the thickness is 0.2 mm to 2 mm; When using PP material, the thickness is 0.3 mm to 1.8 mm .

The speed of this equipment is extremely fast and is related to the type, thickness, shape and depth of the molded part. The model is particularly suitable for the production of food packaging, containers, egg trays, blisters and household refrigerator doors and other products.

The standard model components include: a chute for plastic feeding, set in a chain conveyor; a chain conveyor driven by a servo motor; a heating station, divided into three steps over the entire length of the molding; forming station.

The heating station uses state-of-the-art technology and two Rigo patents. One patent is a patent for energy saving (can save 25% on the original basis). Another patent involves a hot plate half-opening technology, which can preset the opening of four and a half heating plates. Together.

According to customer's request, four types of heating stations can be provided: single vacuum type, low clamping force; vacuum and gas pressure type, medium clamping force; vacuum and gas pressure type, through steel roll die head to achieve peripheral cutting position, high clamping force can be set. ; and heavy chain conveyors.

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