Fang Zhengzhao RIP common soft faults and solutions

Fang Zhengzhao RIP soft fault is more, soft faults are generally caused by the operating system, PSPNT RIP software and other causes, combined with the characteristics of Founder phototype PSPNT RIP software, the user under the guidance of Founder engineers, generally can resolve the fault on their own The key is not to reinstall the PSPNT RIP installation CD. Therefore, the time to solve the problem is very short, efficient and effective. This article combines some of the soft faults that they encountered in the actual work and summarized the solutions listed below for peer reference.

Fang Zhengzhao PSPNT RIP system platform main parameters: Microsoft NT SERVER 4 Chinese version (Patch 6 ), Founder PSPNT RIP 1.51 version.

Soft fault: Founder PSPNT RIP phototypesetting, PSPNT RIP program run correctly, but when you open PS Fapai file, the system prompts: "The system lacks a character", and will automatically terminate RIP.

Normal > Solution: Regular checks are considered to be caused by illegal characters in the front-end Feiteng group. However, this inspection found that front-end soaring typesetting normal, high light and large sample distribution normal. The system reported missing characters. Estimates are related to fonts. But in NT RIP , there are only two items that work on fonts, either reload fonts or use the “font reset” function in NT RIP software, since version 1.51 . In the NT RIP , the fonts must be reinstalled with the software. Therefore, try the "font reset" function first to see if it can be solved. As a result, the problem is solved after the font reset.

Normal > soft fault II: Founder PSPNT RIP photostrip, running PSPNT RIP program is normal, but the contents of the "information window" can not be cleared.

Normal >

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