Environmental protection water paint passed the identification

The Science and Technology Achievement Incubation Fund Project of the Panzhihua City-Chinese Academy of Sciences, undertaken by the Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, passed the appraisal in September 2003 for the “Development of an environmentally-friendly waterborne wood lacquer” project. The water-borne resin 100 kg level amplification experiment completed by the project is stable and reliable in process and quality. Performance test and manufacturer's trial results show that the main performance indicators of waterborne wood coatings have reached the advanced level of waterborne wood coatings currently sold by domestic and foreign manufacturers.
The technology is characterized by the following: First, the polyurethane macromonomer is prepared on the resin composition and structure design, and the polyacrylic acid/polyurethane waterborne resin compounded at the molecular level is prepared by improving the emulsion copolymerization technology; using the improved polymerization technology, The waterborne resin with nanometer scale has higher hardness and better water resistance and alcohol resistance. On the composition of the resin, the functional group with self-crosslinking is introduced, the hardness of the paint film is high, and the performance is good; the formula design of wood paint There are also innovations in the formulation process.

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