Paste bottom bag - seam bottom bag

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of production technology for paste-bottom packaging bags, its application range and usage have continued to expand, and there is a trend to gradually replace the bottom bags. Compared with the bottom bag, the bottom bag has the following advantages:

First, the firmness is higher. Tests have shown that the firmness of the bottom bag made of the same material is 1-3 times higher than that of the bottom bag. According to statistics, 60-80% of the bottom bags are broken due to the fracture at the seams. Paste bags do not have this defect. And, from a mechanical point of view, the width-to-length ratios of the bottom and bottom pockets are 1:1.72-1.83 and 1:1.06-1.18, respectively. The former will result in stress concentration, while the latter will not.

Second, the cost is lower. Make bags of the same capacity, with less material for bottom bags. This is because the bag-type structure of the bottom bag is reasonable, and it is brick-shaped after loading, and the bottom bag is pillow-shaped, and the former has a higher utilization rate. And the adhesive used for the former production and the cost of work are also lower than the latter.

Third, the loading rate is higher. The design of the valve opening of the bottom bag and the bottom line of the seam is different. The former is a square bottom valve port, and only one hand is needed to open the valve port; the latter valve port is located at the hinged corner and requires two hands for operation to place the bag in the charging nozzle. on.

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