Application of carton in cosmetic packaging (2)

● Rectangular folding cartons This type of carton features a carton that can be well suited for surface decoration. Both the printed brochures and the exquisite pictures can be used to advertise the contents. Can be used to package different types of cosmetics, such as: powder, perfume, cream and so on. The carton structure development diagram, the molding process and the appearance after molding are shown in FIG. 2 .

Figure 2 rectangular folding folding cartons

● Bird-shaped folding carton This is inspired by changes in the packaging of certain books abroad. Mainly used for packaging all kinds of cosmetics, carton structure development, molding process and appearance after molding shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 bird folding cartons

(b) Cartons Collection Packages Collection packages can also be called combination packages. It is a series of packaging of the same brand, different functions of cosmetics, in order to facilitate the purchase of consumers, while making the overall price lower than the total price of a single purchase. Larger containers are generally used, collectively packaged, and sold as a unit of sales.
● Make-up packaging gift box A variety of cosmetics are packaged in a gift box, which can increase the valuable quality and sales force of the goods. Plus the successful decor design enhances its visual impact. The example shown in FIG. 4 is one of the more typical folding cartons. The compartment design in the structure can be flexibly adjusted according to the quantity and shape of the contents.

Figure 4 makeup packaging gift box

(To be continued)

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